Saranraj Dairy Farms
Full Cream Milk

Full-cream milk is whole milk - milk that has had its cream blended in with. Enjoy the rich creamy taste of Saranraj Dairy farm's full cream milk with

❖  Permeate Free
❖  Rich in calcium for strong bones
❖  Natural source of protein
❖  No artificial additives or preservatives

We at Saranraj Dairy farms produce an extensive range of high quality fresh cream Milk with functional properties suitable for a wide variety of applications such as preparation of yogurt, ice cream, chocolate and bakery products with fulfillments of highest microbiological standards

Standardized Milk

Standardized milk is defined as the industrial adjustment of milk or cream fat content to a precisely specified or pre desired value. It is of key importance for dairies, which face the whole challenge of transforming a gift of nature into standardized serial products for daily consumption.

Generally the fat content of raw milk is higher than the fat content of the various dairy products to be manufactured. The standardized fat content of Saranraj Dairy farms products usually ranges between a minimum of 0.5 and a maximum of 3.5 percent.

Toned Milk

Saranraj Dairy farms toned milk is a perfect blend of good health and wholesome taste. It's an ideal choice for people in search of a nutritionally balanced diet that does not compromise on taste. Toned Milk has the ample richness of calcium and is widely used by the people of all age groups.

Toned Milk made from pure milk to give smooth consistency preventing creamy layer. Toned Milk is usually available in safe packing that preserve the milk for longer period of time. To stay fit and fine, jolly and cheerful you can opt for our toned milk.

Double Toned Milk

Today, milk is the most important single item of human diet, as it is beneficial at all stages of human growth literally .Double Toned Milk is regarded as the most nearly perfect single food stuff due to its high nutritive value. Importance of milk in diet is mainly due to its contribution of high quality protein, its exceptional richness in Calcium and its general supply of pre-formed Vitamin A.

Saranraj Dairy farms double toned milk is a tasty and nutritious option which consists of the lowest fat content in our range of milk. It's the preferred option especially for those who love milk but are health conscious and want to cut down fat calories

Skimmed Milk

Our farm made Skimmed Milk we remove fat content as much as possible yet it continues to supply all the nutrients Milk does. The young at heart would particularly find it a tempting option to compliment with their low fat diet requirements for this purpose Saranraj Dairy farm's skimmed milk contains 0.5 Fat & 8.5 SNF.

Skimmed milk is a preferable chose for a person who are fat and who needs to maintain their body fat content.


Curd is a rich source of milk prepared from pure, natural and unadulterated milk. Curd is even formulated with double toned milk to prefer it as fat free content. Curd is used for the preparation of numerous sweet delicious dishes. Curd plays very convenient role to make beverages such as yogurt shakes (lassie), buttermilk, which are thirst quenchers and coolants.

Curd made by us has really good taste and has an attractive flavor. Our highly nutritious curd is popular among the customers for its superior quality and taste consistency. A great source of protein and calcium available in our curd which is made using specially selected microbial cultures under stringent and hygienic quality standards

Fresh Cream

We are also offering supreme quality Fresh Cream that is widely used in various dishes & cuisines of different cultures. It is also used to prepare various confectionery items. The offered product is procured from the reliable sources of fresh milk from our farm. It has high nutrition content and is widely appreciated for purity, freshness, delectable taste, hygiene and long shelf.


Saranraj Dairy farms Butter is much creamier, tastier and spreads easily on your dish. It has the right amount of salt content which is liked by all. It's so delicious. It's so creamy. And it's so easy to spread as you prefer.

Our Dairy Butter is produced under totally hygienic conditions using Saranraj Dairy farm's wholesome milk.


Our ghee gives heavenly taste that is made from cream sourced from the freshest milk. Saranraj dairy farm's Pure Ghee is an ideal choice which enriches your hot meals with. We prepare the ghee under ten stringent quality and hygiene standard checks to ensure you get the best quality, with the genuine taste and fragrance of homemade ghee.

Saranraj Dairy farms Ghee is made out from the purest cow milk. It is consistent with fine texture, rich in aroma & has the traditional dripping taste of homemade ghee.

Rose Milk

Almost every one struggles with getting their children to drink milk completely. Children today are also prone to junk food cravings and almost they are addictive to junk

We Saranraj Dairy farms demand 'tastier' options for those parents. Our flavored rose milk bring a nutrient-packed flavorful option for parents who are challenged with this every day so that aids in building muscles and helps your children stay strong and fighting fit. And our rose milk is a better option to combat summer health drinks.


Paneer is one of the essential ingredients in all items of vegetarian's life. It is an accompaniment to most meals we eat. Our Dairy Fresh Paneer offers you a hygienic and quality product that comes with the guarantee of a trusted brand in dairy products and hence gives you complete satisfaction of product quality.

We made out panner cubes from the purest of cow milk. It remains solely fresh for many days and it's a widely using ingredient in much mouth watering dishes in cuisines preferred by various cultures.

Milk Gova

We at Saranraj Dairy farms most of us are engaged in offering Milk Gova. At model dairy farm khoa is prepared from fresh and pure milk. It is of excellent quality which has a white or pale yellowish color that gives a pleasant flavor with soft smooth texture. Gova is used as a base material for the preparation of variety of sweets like burfis.